Catch the Princess (Review) iPhone/iPad

Catch the Princess (Review) iPhone/iPad
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Ever wish you could save a princess? Robots and Pencils’ “Catch the Princess” ($0.99 iTunes) allows you to do just that. Catch the Princess is a fun game that tests your patience and your skill.

You must catch the princess with a purple monster. Once the princess is saved, the round cage she is in will dissolve and the monster will be happy. If the princess dies or goes off screen, he will be sad and frown.

When you open the game you will be given 3 choices: Options, Play, and Memories. Options is where you can turn sounds and music on and off; credits; and reset game. Memories is where you can look at pictures that you collect throughout the game.

There are 3 dungeons with 20 levels each. You must unlock the first dungeon, Inferno, to unlock the second, Purgatorio. After unlocking Purgatorio, you unlock Paradiso. During each level, you want to have the Princess collect as many crystals (out of 3) as possible before your monster catches her. This is done but strategically cutting the chains attached to the princess’ cage, making her swing around the screen.

The Princess must be aimed properly for the monster to catch her. You can go back and redo any level to get a higher score at any time. The Princess is hanging from a chain that is attached to a sconce. Some chains will not appear until you get close to them.

As you progress through the dungeon levels, they get progressively harder. Some of the obstacles that you will encounter include crystals that are above the princess and you must use Pixie dust to get them. The Pixie dust allows the Princess to move up. The Pixie dust needs to be tapped to get rid of it, otherwise the princess will hit an obstacle or go through the ceiling and die.

When she goes off the screen, you will see parts of the ceiling rain down. Other obstacles include dragons that breathe fire and spiked bars, among others. You can use bellows to swing the princess and bars to bounce her to reach the crystals. Some of the crystals will be in the Pixie dust or have a limited time to them.

Your score is based on how many crystals you collect and the amount of time it takes you to get them. The scoring and banner that follows is: 0 crystals mediocre, 1 crystal not bad = 5K points, 2 crystals knighthood = 10k points, 3 crystals savior = 15k points.

Catch the Princess is a fun and addicting game that will keep you playing. You can earn achievements such as tapping the bellows 308 times and using pixie dust, among others. The princess can be swung all the way around the sconce that she is on by using the bellows. The levels were challenging and some took multiple attempts to clear them. Getting the timing right takes practice. The ability to redo a level allows you to go for the max score.

The monster will make different facial expressions and sounds depending if the princess is caught (or not).

I found myself wanting to play more as I found the game challenging and every level felt different. This game always had me thinking of how I was going to complete a level and it held my interest even when I was redoing levels. Once you get into the swing of these, catching the Princess is a breeze!

Developer: Robots & Pencils
Publisher: Robots & Pencils

Category: Games

  • Updated: Jan 17, 2012
  • Version: 1.2
  • Size: 19.5 MB
  • Language: English
  • Seller: Robots and Pencils Inc.

Rated 4+

Requirements: Compatible with iPad.Requires iOS 4.0 or later.
Price: $.99

Robot & Pencils’ Website

Review Score
The graphics are clear with beautiful colors.
Makes the atmosphere of the game fun. The sounds the princess makes as she travels around the screen makes the game fun.
Fun and intuitive game play. The ability to go back and redo levels adds endless gameplay.
Catch the Princess is a fun game that allows for endless replay that is a new challenge for every level..
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