Torchlight II (Preview) PC

Torchlight II (Preview) PC

If you enjoy hunting in dark dungeons and killing creatures then Torchlight II by Runic games is the right game for you.

The game world offers countless dungeons to explore and quests to complete. As far as items are concerned, there are plenty of rare items to loot during your adventure.

The world is split up into many zones, each with their own levels. All areas are clearly marked with level requirements, so you always know whether your level is too low (or high) for that certain area. Grouping with other players can be challenging and fun at the same time. When grouping, it’s always important to make sure your party is around the same level. This doesn’t bother some players; they will sometimes lend a hand in leveling your character. However, grouping with higher levels can make the game more difficult, especially if you’re hunting in high level zones.

Every character receives a cute, furry companion that acts as DPS in combat and storage when your inventory is full. These pets can be very useful during many situations. They can also return to town and sell any items you may not need. This process usually takes anywhere between a few seconds to a minute to complete. Your pet can purchase basic items from the store when you send it back to town.

Your pet’s stats can receive a healthy boost by feeding it food (fish) that can be acquired  from fishing in special ponds, lakes and rivers located throughout the game world.

Based on my time with Torchlight II, I can say with confidence that its combat mechanics  are every bit as good as the first game. Combat is action-packed;  it constantly keeps you on your toes regardless of the situation. Even a remote area could easily become a war zone in seconds.

The combat interface assigns three skills at any given time for combat. The left and right mouse buttons are assigned to melee attacks and casting spells. You can have an extra skill slot by right-clicking on a skill. You can hot-swap skills for different ones at any given time. It would be more convenient if there was a combat bar in the GUI (Graphic User Interface) that would allow you to have all your skills mapped out by either hotkeys or by clicking on them. This would help streamline the combat experience. I’m the type of gamer who likes to have easy access to everything without having to swap between skills. The hot-swapping method works, but it would be great if Runic Games  considered this feature for a future patch/update.

There are four character classes to choose from. The featured classes are: The Engineer, Outlander, Berserker and the Embermage. Each class has three talent trees that can be customized. Just as you would find in any standard MMORPG, the character builds you make define his/her traits for the rest of the game. It also differentiates your toon from others.  There’s a vast array of colors, hair styles, and faces available to customize your toon. And as one might expect, you can choose to be either male or female.

Torchlight II has its own style that sets it apart from other games. The attention to detail is simply amazing, especially when it comes to in-game items. The art style used for all items – including a simple hood and a pair of boots – is unique and refreshing. Fashion divas (and I know you’re out there) can literally ‘dress’ to kill. Basically, anything is possible in the world of Torchlight.

While still in the testing phase, Torchlight II’s visuals present a crisp, whimsical fantasy world that immerse the player. The cartoon-like graphics are very attractive with bright colors that appeal to the eyes. Even though the graphics are set from an isometric view, you can zoom in to an almost perfect 3rd person perspective.

The music is nothing short of incredible. Calm musical scores set the mood as you explore the vast world of Torchlight II. The music changes based on your location, especially during combat. It becomes more upbeat to fit the situation. Torchlight II’s music is charged with passion, encompassing you in a world that is simply breathtaking.

Based on my time with Torchlight II, I can say with confidence that it’s poised to take on the competition — Diablo 3 by Blizzard. Come this summer, gamers everywhere will have another reason to venture into the dark and slay the undead.

Torchlight II can be pre-purchased for $19.99 on Steam. There is also a pre-purchase Torchlight II 4-pack that comes with the original Torchlight and extra copies for gifting to friends and family for $59.99.

Keep your eyes on for a review of Torchlight II.

James ‘Daripp3r’ Pittaro

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