Guns of Icarus Online – New Screenshots

Guns of Icarus Online – New Screenshots

Muse Games has just wrapped up Closed Beta Round 3 for Guns of Icarus Online ( In this iteration, Muse Games has added clouds, a new map, and new weapons while improving local and server performance. Guns of Icarus Online is airship combat like you’ve never seen, featuring a fully co-operative ship with four players playing important, high-intensity roles. See the new screenshots, get 25% off pre-orders, and sign up for the newsletter for a chance to join the beta at

The next beta test starts on June 22nd and will feature more maps and game modes, rebalanced weapons (including the long-awaited flamethrower), user interface improvements, and most importantly, the ability to customize skills in the form of player equipment. Each player brings five pieces of equipment on board, three from their main class and one from each other class. Want to be a gunner with a spyglass? An engineer with explosive ammo? A captain with a fire extinguisher? In Guns of Icarus Online the equipment you carry will influence the priorities and play style of each ship, so you must work together as a team to wield the right tools for the right situation.

“With the third beta complete, we’re very proud to show off some amazing screenshots taken by actual players in game as they battled it out. While these are not the finished product, we are very proud of how beautiful the world is starting to look, and it will only get better from here,” says Howard Tsao, CEO of Muse Games.

Guns of Icarus Online is the first co-operative airship combat game mixing together first-person shooter action with team-based strategy. Up to four people will crew a ship, taking on one of the key roles of Captain, Gunner, or Engineer, joining a team, and fighting against other ships above the post-apocalyptic waste. In Guns of Icarus Online it will take teamwork and tactics to dominate the skies.

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