Retro City Rampage Now Available on

Retro City Rampage Now Available on

Retro City Rampage–the most anticipated nostalgic sandbox shooter in history finally arrives! From a brilliant veteran of NES homebrew scene comes the ultimate tribute to the 8-bit culture of the 1980s.

With handcrafted pixelated visuals that will seem instantly familiar to all retro-gamers, elaborate chiptune soundtrack, dozens of references to classic games and popular culture, and satisfyingly modern sandbox gameplay, Retro City Rampage is going to take you on an insane nostalgic trip you won’t soon forget.

Hijack one of over 30 vehicles, grab one of 20+ guns, and embark on a multitude of varied missions as you rampage through the vast retro city of Theftropolis.

Retro City Rampage, the ultimate 8-bit(ish) criminal sandbox of villainy and violence in the vein of 1980s classic games, is now available on for only $14.99.


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