Ravaged (Review) PC

Ravaged (Review) PC
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Ravaged is a team-based first-person shooter that is set in a post-apocalyptic future where two factions battle over resources.  As a FPS, Ravaged offers massive maps that require you to travel from one end to the other. The game includes a large variety of vehicles to make traveling easier.

The vehicle selection includes small ATVs, trucks, jeeps, tanks and flying helicopters. Some vehicles serve as killing machines while others are used as standard transportation. Depending on the vehicle, you can transport multiple players from your team.

The main objective is to capture and then control key points in the battlefield. The large, open maps give both sides the advantage during gameplay, but it also makes it easy for spawn campers to kill your team. If your team works together, you can easily destroy the opposing team (spawn campers included), but it requires the cooperation of every single team member to make it happen. It’s doubtful that 2 Dawn wanted gamers to spawn camp the entire game, but if there’s a will, there’s a way.

Ravaged includes two different game modes – Thrust and Capture the Resource. Thrust is your basic capture the flag competition that plays similar to games like Battlefield and Team Fortress. Capture the Resource is similar to Thrust, but instead of capturing flags, you’re capturing resources like fuel and the surrounding areas. The team with the most resources wins.

There are five different character classes — Bandit, Warrior, Bodyguard, Assassin and Grunt. The character classes are assigned their own weapons such as sniper rifles, assault rifles, sub machine guns, and RPGs. You can also pick up additional weapons on the battlefield to increase your arsenal.

Every weapon in Ravaged feels realistic and has its own recoil, so gamers will quickly find a weapon that will suit their play style. The weapons also have iron sights and/or cross hairs, making it easier to shoot more accurately. This lends to the game’s overall realism. Additionally, you can choose to be either the Scavengers or the Resistance. Since the story is simple and only mentions that Earth was devastated by cataclysmic sun flares (and it does little to mention anything about the two opposing factions), it really boils down to preference regarding which one you should be.

Combat is a lot of fun when you’re coordinating with teammates to take over territory and capturing the opposition’s flag. Some of the larger maps have hiding places to strategize a good defense, so snipers and teams can stay hidden to ambush incoming enemy players. Buildings and large walls are scattered everywhere; they make it easy to hide vehicles and even yourself. The game includes smaller maps that don’t require the use of vehicles, but when you realize the larger maps are the pinnacle of the game’s content, the smaller maps don’t seem to be as appealing in contrast.

[This section of the review was revised before going to publication.]
A recent update has  improved the game. 2 Dawn has implemented dedicated servers, a Quick Match function, a tweak that balances weapon-based vehicles, and my favorite update among the ones included — additional protection from spawn campers.

Players that re-spawn in the main base get 15 seconds of ‘god mode’, so spawn camping is a thing of the past. There is no protection when your main base is the final target, but at least the game is now balanced and fair. The update even includes an improved browser filter option and a balance tweak for the harpoon, crossbow and rocket truck artillery.

There is a downside to Ravaged being a dedicated online multiplayer first-person shooter. When servers are full or even empty (especially during non-peak hours; it can be difficult to find players during this time), there is no offline content to keep players busy. Even a simple offline mode with bots would have been a welcomed addition.

The graphics are dazzling with beautiful shadowing, fantastic lighting, and great overall appeal. I would have to say that 2 Dawn nailed it with the post-apocalyptic grunge atmosphere.

Ravaged is a different breed of first-person shooter that brings massive open maps and long-range weapons to the FPS genre. Developer 2 Dawn thought outside the box when developing Ravaged. Instead of giving us the same old claustrophobic game maps from the past ten years, they took a risk and developed a lush, massive world for us to kill each other in. If that isn’t enough to get you online, nothing will.

James ‘Daripp3r’ Pittaro
Developer: 2 Dawn
Publisher: Reverb Publishing
ESRB: M (Mature)
Price: $24.99

2 Dawn Games’ Website

Review Score
Stunning graphics and large environments.
Realistic explosions, gunfire, and vehicle effects.
Excellent FPS with realistic driving physics.
Ravaged is a sensational first-person shooter that deserves a broader audience.

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