Super Black Bass 3D (Review) Nintendo 3DS

Super Black Bass 3D (Review) Nintendo 3DS
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As the name implies, Super Black Bass 3D by developer Star Fish is a fishing simulator for Nintendo 3DS. You play as either a male or female who enters the fishing tournament at Genesis Hole. Aided by Mary, a young woman who plans on opening a boat rental store, you are taught the basics of fishing and how to ‘fight’ your underwater adversaries.

After entering the tournament, you must work your way through five different tiers – Local, Amateur, Bass Professional, Professional and World Anglers. The lower tiers are free to enter, but certain fishing requirements and fees are required to progress through the ranks.

The tournaments are divided into days with a roster of requirements that must be met. Typically, a fishing day spans across twelve hours. You must also adhere to the target fish guidelines (which could be Large Mouth Bass, etc), weight guidelines and the ‘Keep Number’. Failing to achieve these guidelines results in losing the tournament.

You can view Genesis Hole by using the 3DS’ touch screen. Since the lake is divided into sections by a grid, you can visit any section by tapping the area you wish to visit. Your Sonar will detect how many fish are in the area when you first arrive. By using the Left and Right shoulder buttons, you can face your character in the direction of the Sonar data before casting off. It’s possible to catch fish without using the Sonar, but you will spend hours waiting for one to bite.

To begin fishing, you must touch the ‘Cast Icon’ located in the ‘Start’ menu (more on this in a moment). Once you have activated cast mode, you can adjust your position on the boat (as mentioned earlier) by using the Left and Right shoulder buttons.  It’s easy to cast the fishing line as you tilt the 3DS system toward you and then away from your body. The quicker you mimic the ‘swing’ motion the further the fishing line will travel. It’s also important for gamers to brace their Nintendo 3DS system when casting.

The fishing mechanic works well on the 3DS. Turning the system to the left or right will move the bait through the water, and pressing the A button will reel in the fishing line. If you make any mistakes while casting, you can use the ‘Auto Reeling’ button to start over. When a fish finally bites, you can snag it quickly by tilting the 3DS system forward.  The physics are very realistic as the fish struggles to free itself from your fishing line.

A tension meter keeps track of the fishing line’s durability. If you’re not careful, your fishing line can snap if the tension meter turns red. The only way to relieve the tension off the line is to give the fish enough room to distance itself from your boat. Once the fish tires itself, you can make another attempt to reel it back in. The process is lengthy and requires a lot of patience. If your fishing line happens to snap, you can replace it with a new one from your tackle box. However, you are only given  two lures at the beginning of the tournament, so use them wisely.

At the end of the day, your catches are weighed against the competition’s. Your position in the tournament is based on the weight of your catch and the amount of fish caught. The game doesn’t initially punish the player if they don’t succeed at catching any fish, but the requirements become more stringent the further along you are in the tournament.

The  ‘Start’ menu contains a variety of functions that assist you while fishing. While it contains a ‘Save Game’ function, the menu can also be used to read the Tournament Rules, view your fishing records, set the game options (i.e. turning the in-game music on or off, etc.), examine the fish caught in the livewell, select a new location on the lake map, change your fishing gear, and end your day of fishing and ‘weigh in’. The interface is conveniently placed and very easy to use.

Super Black Bass 3D is a fun game to play during a quiet afternoon. It may not have the best looking graphics for a Nintendo 3DS game, but what it lacks in graphics it makes up for in gameplay. And while it may not be for everyone, Super Black Bass 3D will please any gamer who enjoys the sport of fishing.

Mike Pittaro
Nintendo 3DS
Developer: Star Fish
Publisher: Rising Star Games
ESRB: E (Everyone)
Price: $29.99

Super Black Bass 3D’s Official Website

Review Score
Average graphics that resemble a first-generation DS title.
Typical sound effects for a fishing simulator - water splashing; the sound of the fishing line as it reels in the fish; and the boat engine as you travel across the lake.
The gameplay accurately depicts the sport.
Aside from the graphics, Super Black Bass 3D delivers a solid fishing simulator.
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