Street Fighter IV Hits iPhone/iPod Touch (and Makes Apple Happy)

Street Fighter IV Hits iPhone/iPod Touch (and Makes Apple Happy)

Capcom released Street Fighter IV on iPhone/iPod Touch yesterday (sure we are a day behind, takes time to put together a nice news post rather than just copying the Press Release and posting that, like other sites).  Street Fighter IV makes use of an innovative control scheme that is tailored for the fighting games’ debut on the controller-less handheld.

Capcom hasn’t forgotten the modes, a staple of fighting games, and is bringing along Tournament Mode (for the extremely old school out there this is what we grew up with knowing as the normal game), Free Sparring Mode (if you are having trouble with a certain fighter, just go here and practice to your hearts content) and Training Room Mode (just you and the harder moves in the game, waiting for you to hone those skills).

Street Fighter IV by Capcom – website
Platform: iPhone/iPod
Rated: 12
Price: $9.99
Available: Now

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