Rush Bros. (Review) Mac

Rush Bros. (Review) Mac
Review Score:

Rush Bros. by developer XYLA Entertainment is a blistering fast 2D platformer where two feuding DJs run through environments that interact with the music. Heavy bass causes the backgrounds to pulsate with bright, eye-popping colors as the player runs through darkened rooms laden with deadly buzz saws, sharp blades and spikes that can impale you.

Gameplay is similar to most 2D platformers – you must jump and scale massive walls while collecting power ups that increase your run speed and improve jumping distance. The main objective is to complete each level as quickly as possible, but this is not as easy as it sounds. The levels contain a large assortment of traps that are designed to prevent you from attaining your goal.

Some traps are blatantly obvious (i.e. large buzz saws that spin back and forth), while others blend in with the environment and resemble platforms. Just when you thought  you found a safe haven from the chaos, you suddenly find yourself being crushed or shocked to death by some trick of the environment.

As you explore the triply environments, you will encounter locked doors that can only be opened with colored keys. These keys are generally located on the opposite end of the level, requiring the player to do some quick ‘running’ to pick them up. Each level contains spring boards (to help you reach impossibly high platforms) and speed boards (these give you an added boost when you start to trail behind).  If any of this sounds familiar then you’re not alone; some of the levels do seem to invoke memories of Sonic the Hedgehog.

Levels like Springity Sprung are strikingly similar to Sonic Pinball; even the physics are spot on. But with that said, the levels are unique enough to standout on their own.

The only drawback are the controls; they’re hyper sensitive and they make it difficult to jump onto smaller platforms. This poses a real challenge for the player since the character has a habit of walking off the edge for no reason. The developer encourages the player to use a joystick for better performance, but it doesn’t improve the controls by much. Moreover, spring boards will toss you into spikes when they should send you to the adjacent spring board. It’s difficult to discern whether the controls are to blame when jumping or the levels themselves.

The game includes a comprehensive multiplayer mode and a single-player arcade mode with the option to accept challengers. The ‘Accept Challengers’ feature can be disabled if you prefer to experience the game by yourself. Additionally, there are forty levels to complete and fifty-one Steam achievements to unlock. As far as longevity is concerned, Rush Bros. has plenty of content to keep platform gamers busy.

With gripes aside, Rush Bros. is one of those games you will either love or loath. Gamers will find the backgrounds compelling as they interactive with the soundtrack composed by Infected Mushroom. Platforms move in rhythm with the music; the background colors shimmer brightly; and enormous bass speakers tower above levels and reverberate as the music plays vigorously in the background. The entire experience can only be described as a psychedelic trip.  If the controls were more responsive and less sensitive, Rush Bros. would be the ultimate 2D platformer for Mac.

Mike Pittaro
Mac (Available on Steam / Also Available for PC)

Mac System Requirements:
•    Minimum:
◦    OS: OSX
◦    Processor: Dual Core 2.0 Ghz
◦    Memory: 4 GB RAM
◦    Graphics: Geforce 650 / 512 MB
◦    Hard Drive: 1 GB HD space
◦    Sound: Stereo enabled sound card

Developer: XYLA Entertainment
Publisher: Digital Tribe
Price: $9.99 (Rush Bros 2-Pack $14.99)

Review Score
The Psychedelic colors give the levels a life all their own.
Infected Mushroom's soundtrack is the best ever heard in a platformer.
Sensitive controls make it difficult to navigate some of the more challenging obstacles.
While not perfect, Rush Bros. is a fun platformer with some original ideas.
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