Orc Attack (Review) Xbox 360

Orc Attack (Review) Xbox 360
Review Score:

Opportunities to play as an orc come few and far between for me, so naturally I jumped at such the chance when I got my hands on “Orc Attack” by Casual Brothers and GameMil Entertainment.  But what I thought was going to be a good laughing gas adventure, turned out to being just hot air.

In this hack-and-slash fart-fest, OA introduces you to four playable Orcs – Doc Turd, Lord Poop, Friar Krap, and Sir Niff – that are retaliating with methane mayhem against the Humans, who are carelessly poisoning the environment.

As you slice, burp, and fart through the opposition throughout 20+ missions, you can also raid, pillage, and plunder the Human camps, collecting gold along the way to use towards various improved armor and weaponry.

Upon dispatching of the enemy, players earn experience points, which in turn allows them to level up while gaining skill points and learning new combos or techniques.  Players can opt for being not-so-silent but deadly on their own or buddy up with up to 3 others in co-op play.

The graphics in OA are decent with the 3-D backgrounds, but certainly nothing mind-blowing, which is fine here, since most of the time you’re too busy fending off foes anyway to pay too much attention to the scenery. For sound, it’s exactly what one would expect here with plenty of noxious noise, amidst some music and occasional grunts from the Orcs and Humans alike.

And for the controls, OA makes full use of the 360 controller buttons without making things too cumbersome and complicated.

For a game with hilarious potential, there were just some things that made OA not quite as funny.  For one, the animation wasn’t entirely fluid, was a bit on the slow side, and seemed to stutter at times.

During gameplay, there were some mission objectives that would appear on-screen, completely interrupting the action altogether. And if that weren’t enough, the lengthy load times and uncontrollable camera angles were definitely annoying.

OA certainly isn’t a bad game by any means, but unless you’re a potty humor purist and getting that flatulence fix is an absolute MUST, then Orc Attack may not be for you.

Sean Boley
XBox 360 (Available on XBL)
Developer: Casual Brothers
Publisher: GameMil Entertainment
ESRB: T (Teen)
Price: $9.99

Orc Attack’s Official Website

Review Score
O.k. at best, but the opening cartoon-like cinema is a nice touch though.
Generic music, coupled with belches, farts, and grunts - oh my.
Animation not as slick as it could've been.
I'd rather play as one of the Orcs from World Of Warcraft.
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