Playstation Plus – Euro Update

Playstation Plus – Euro Update

The new premium subscription service, Playstation Plus:

  • Launching on the 29th June
  • The current PSN features will remain free. We are still very committed to PSN as a free gaming service and are certainly not planning on reducing this service following the launch of PlayStation Plus.
  • Plus is an evolving service and the features included at launch will be:
    • Games
    • Discounts
    • Exclusive items on Playstation Store
    • Full Game Trial
    • Automatic Downloads
      (More info on these below)
  • Membership to Plus can be purchased through the Playstation Store on PS3 for either 90 days or a whole year (365 days)
  • Local prices for membership can be found below, payment is a one off fee for either of the memberships and can be purchased with any of the current Store payment methods – Credit Card or PSN Cards
  • If you sign up between the 29th June and 3rd Aug for the 1 year subscription then you will also receive a downloadable copy of the original Little Big Planet game for PS3, completely free! This is yours to keep and is not tied to the period of subscription

Games and Special Offers: Each month you will get a total of 4 games a month; 1x PSN game, 2x minis and 1x PS One classics. Every month you will receive 4 different titles, and you will always be able to re-download the older titles you might have cleared off your hard drive.

Automatic Download: Your PS3 will be able to wake up from standby at any time of the day and automatically download and install any new game or updates from the Playstation Plus service.

The games you get while paying for the service are yours to keep, but if you let your subscription overlap, your PS+ content will be deactivated. Once you renew your subscription, all of your PS+ content will be reactivated.

Here’s what to expect for the first couple of months, along with a price guide for Europe.

Month 1: June 29th – August 3rd

  • Intro offer: LBP (standard edition)
  • PSN PS3: Wipeout HD
  • minis: Field Runners, Age of Zombies
  • PSone: Destruction Derby
  • Full Game Trial: Shatter, Savage Moon
  • Discounts: LBP God of War Pack – 50%, LBP: LocoRoco costume pack – 50%, Gravity Crash – 20%, Fat Princess DLC – 20%
  • Premium Game Element: KillZone 2:  Steel & Titanium DLC
  • Push demo: ModNation Racers, Heavy Rain
  • Themes: LBP Theme, SCEE produced: PlayStation “Game Is Just The Start” Dynamic Theme
  • 2 x Fat Princess Premium Avatars

Month 2: August 4th – September 1st

  • PSN PS3: Zen Pinball
  • minis: Blast-Off, Alien Zombie Death
  • PSone: Medievil
  • Full Game Trial: Inferno Pool, Mushroom Wars
  • Discounts: Zen Pinball Earth Defence Table – 20%, Warhawk Triple Combo Pack – 50%, Super Stardust HD  - 20%, WipeOutHD Fury – 20%
  • Premium Game Elements: Motorstorm Pacific Rift: Adrenaline Pack
  • Push Demo: Flower, Pixel Junk Shooter
  • Themes: “SCEE produced: PlayStation + Dynamic Theme (in production), Heavy Rain Crime Scene Theme
  • 2 x Heavy Rain Avatars (Bird and Butterfly)
Australia AUD 69.95 20.95
Austria 49.99 14.99
Belgium 49.99 14.99
Czech Republic CZK 1299 390
Denmark DKK 375 115
Finland EURO 49.95 14.95
France 49.99 14.99
Germany 49.99 14.99
Greece 49.99 14.99
Ireland 49.99 14.99
Italy 49.99 14.99
Luxembourg 49.99 14.99
Netherlands 49.99 14.99
New Zealand NZD 89.95 26.95
Norway NOK 395 119
Poland PLN 195 59
Portugal 49.99 14.99
Saudi Arabia USD 64.99 19.99
South Africa ZAR 489 145
Spain 49.99 14.99
Sweden SEK 480 145
Switzerland CHF 69.95 20.95
United Arab Emirates USD 64.99 19.99
United Kingdom GBP 39.99 11.99


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