Mahjong Journey (Review) DS

Mahjong Journey (Review) DS

Love Mahjong but don’t have a laptop or want to carry around all the tiles?  Mahjong Journey, Quest For Tikal for Nintendo DS by Mumbo Jumbo is your answer. There are two modes: Adventure Mode and Classic Mode.

Adventure mode brings you to ancient Mayan civilizations as you travel to different places where the mahjong puzzles are different each level.  Classic mode is the one most people are used to.  Mumbo Jumbo puts their own spin on the Classic Mode.

You can pick from 9 options including Standard, Countdown (where you have 20 minutes to clear the board), and Remember (where each tile is displayed briefly when you touch it).  You also have bonus tiles that allow you to swap two tiles, remove all visible matching tiles, and match any tile among others.


Mahjong Journeys is a fun game to play.  I found it was very easy to play and enjoyed myself greatly.  I kept telling myself only one more board, several levels later I finally put down my DS.  The choice of boards and options kept the game from feeling repetitious.  The variations in the classic game also kept it from being “just another tile game”.

I enjoyed the Adventure mode as your progress was visable as you traveled along exploring new layouts.  The music fits the background and added to the atmosphere as you completed each puzzle.  In both modes, if you matched the two lightening tiles, the level would be solved, even if there were more tiles left on the board.

You will get bonus points for any tiles left on the board.  If there are no more free matching tiles, you can shuffle the board or switch two tiles and make matches that way.  The tiles were clear and easy to match, (though at some points I was wishing I had the XL to make it easier to see the tiles).

The game allows you to save up to four profiles making it a great game for the whole family.  I highly recommend this for anyone who enjoys the game of Mahjong or who enjoys a good puzzle game.

Platform: Nintendo DS
Developer / Publisher: MumboJumbo Games
Price: $19.99

Review Score
Clear and easy to see; some tiles are very closely designed to each other .
Limited due to the platform, but very well done .
Very easy to play, need no experience with Mahjong to play. There are options not available on other versions of Mahjong.
Fun game for everyone, Mahjong fans or not
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