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  • Island of the Lizard King (Review) iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad

    Posted by on March 11, 2014 under Portables, Reviews
    Tin Man Games continues to broaden its selection of interactive Gamebooks with the release of Island of the Lizard King, a Fighting Fantasy role-playing book written by Ian Livingston. As a brave adventurer, you must travel to Fire Island to free the slaves of Oytser Bay from the treacherous Lizard King. The journey ahead will not be an easy one as greedy pirates, cannibalistic tribesmen and night... more.
  • XCOM: Declassified – New DLC – Now Available

    Posted by on February 25, 2014 under Euro, Mac, News, PC
    TransGaming Inc. today announced three new DLC packs for The Bureau: XCOM Declassified on Mac, are now available for purchase on the Mac App Store. The DLCs bring all-new content to Mac gamers, and expands upon special agent William Carter and his team's original mission -- to survive, adapt and overcome the enemy threat. The DLC content includes the following: ◆The Bureau: XCOM Declas... more.
  • Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor – Gameplay Walkthrough

    Posted by on January 24, 2014 under Euro, Mac, News, PC, PS3, Xbox 360, Xbox One
    Today you can experience the first gameplay reveal for action game, Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor.  Get an in-depth look at the Nemesis System, a new next-gen feature that remembers players’ every move, shaping unique gameplay experiences and relationships that react and adapt to every player choice. Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and Monolith Productions have released the Offici... more.
  • The Bureau: XCOM Declassified – Now Available on Steam for Mac

    Posted by on January 23, 2014 under Euro, Mac, News, PC
    The reach of the clandestine XCOM organization knows no boundaries! TransGaming, which initially brought The Bureau: XCOM Declassifiedto Mac gamers through the Mac App Store -- today announced that the game is now available for digital download via Steam for Macintosh computers. To commemorate the launch, The Bureau: XCOM Declassified will go on sale for 75% off from January 24th until Janua... more.
  • Baldur’s Gate II: Enhanced Edition – Now Available for iPad

    Posted by on January 16, 2014 under Euro, News, Portables
    “He who fights with monsters should look to it that he himself does not become a monster... When you gaze long into the abyss, the abyss also gazes into you...” Kidnapped. Imprisoned. Tortured. The wizard Irenicus holds you captive in his stronghold, attempting to strip you of the powers that are your birthright. Can you resist the evil within you, forge a legend of heroic proportio... more.
  • Archangel: Update 1.3 – Now Live

    Posted by on January 15, 2014 under Euro, News, Portables
    Unity Games and Black Tower Studios today released update 1.3 for the critically acclaimed mobile title, Archangel. Update 1.3 tweaks gameplay to allow for more action earlier in the game. In addition to the update, Archangel is now available for the reduced price of $1.99USD in the iTunes App Store and Google Play. Official Website: iTunes: https:... more.
  • Archangel – Now Available for iOS & Android Devices

    Posted by on January 9, 2014 under Euro, News, Portables
    Unity Games and Black Tower Studios are pleased to announce that the fantasy-themed action title, "Archangel,” is now available on iOS and Android devices (Google Play) for $4.99USD, £2.99. In Archangel, the eternal struggle between good and evil comes to life via stunning console-quality visuals and intuitive touch controls. As the Archangel, you will cast brutal spells and deal divine ju... more.
  • Battle Supremacy – Now Available on iTunes

    Posted by on January 9, 2014 under Euro, News, Portables
    Atypical Games, the Apple Design Award-winning creator of the airplane dogfighting series, Sky Gamblers, today released their next war title that sets a new bar for technology in mobile gaming; Battle Supremacy, is out now for iOS. The fully open-world tank battle game, complete with a console-quality interactive world, is now on the App Store. Battle Supremacy puts players on the frontlin... more.
  • Archangel – Announced

    Posted by on January 7, 2014 under Euro, News, Portables
    Unity Games and Black Tower Studios are pleased to announce the fantasy-themed action title, "Archangel,” is coming to iOS and Android devices on January 9. Featuring stunning console-quality visuals, and intuitive touch controls that have you casting brutal spells with your fingertips, Archangel conjures visceral combat action in the clash between good and evil. As the Archangel, you ar... more.
  • Fighting Fantasy: Island of the Lizard King – Now Available

    Posted by on December 16, 2013 under Euro, News, Portables
    Tin Man Games’ fourth Fighting Fantasy digital gamebook app, Island of the Lizard King, arrives on iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad today, following a recent Android release on Google Play and the Amazon Appstore for Android. Kidnapped by a vicious race of Lizard Men from Fire Island, the young men of Oyster Bay face a grim future of slavery, starvation and a lingering death. Their master will be ... more.
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