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  • Dominions 4 – “Receives Major Update”

    Posted by on July 10, 2014 under Euro, Mac, News, PC
    Illwinter continues its legacy of massively supporting its products with a new update adding a completely new race to the over 70 existing races to pick from as well as new spells, summoned units, crafting options, and general fixes/balance changes. The Ragha, a dark race that can adapt to both hot AND cold climates, and gets slightly different units depending on the climate as well as a variety o... more.
  • Dominions 4: Thrones of Ascension (Review) PC

    Posted by on February 10, 2014 under PC, Reviews
    Dominions 4 takes a unique approach to the 4x strategy genre. It involves bringing forth your Pretender, which is much similar to a god or demigod. You also need to have an enormous army to accompany your false prophet to help spread his word. As you conquer the neighboring provinces and continue to build your army, word will spread throughout the land about your Pretender. By building shrines ... more.
  • Dominions 4: Thrones of Ascension – Now Available on Steam

    Posted by on December 17, 2013 under Euro, Mac, News, PC
    llwinter is pleased to bring Dominions 4: Thrones of Ascension to Steam for Mac, Windows, and Linux. Already the best selling Dominions game in the 15 year old franchise, Dominions 4 brings the race to ascend to godhood to a new level of depth by adding capture objectives, co-op mode, more units, more spells, and more gods to the already overflowing level of detail that Dominions is famous fo... more.
  • Dominions 4: Thrones of Ascensions – Now Available on Desura & GamersGate

    Posted by on October 11, 2013 under Euro, Mac, News, PC
    Illwinter  is pleased to announce that 15 years after the first Dominions brought fantasy grand strategy to a new level of detail the fourth installment is now available on Desura for PC, Mac, and Linux. In Dominions 4, you are one of multiple would-be gods in your realm and must lead your followers on a path to ensure that it is you who ascends to true godhood. The ascension requires th... more.
  • Agricultural Simulator 2013 (Review) PC

    Posted by on January 12, 2013 under PC, Reviews
    Agricultural Simulator 2013 is a big release like Giant Interactive's Farming Simulator 2013. Gamers familiar with the Agricultural Simulator series already know they’re getting a game as comparable as Farming Simulator. Unlike the previous releases in the series, Agricultural Simulator 2013 uses an engine similar to the one used in Agricultural Simulator Historical Farming. If you are famili... more.
  • War of the Roses (Review) PC

    Posted by on November 19, 2012 under PC, Reviews
    War of the Roses is one of the most unique combat simulators I have ever had the pleasure of experiencing. It’s a high caliber release to say the very least. The combat in unlike anything ever experienced before. War of the Roses is mainly an online multiplayer game, but it does offer some offline content which is primarily used for training and understanding the different battle maps. You ca... more.
  • Agricultural Simulator 2013 – Releasing November 16th

    Posted by on November 5, 2012 under Euro, News, PC
    Established German Publisher UIG Entertainment today announces the upcoming release of Agricultural Simulator 2013 for PC from digital portals this November and in stores December 7th 2012. The 2013 sequel to the successful Agricultural Simulator series is ready to roll – with updated agricultural technology from well known partners. Go farm on idyllic pastures surrounded by inviting vi... more.
  • GamersGate VOID is Now Available

    Posted by on May 28, 2012 under Euro, Mac, News, PC
    Void - The Free Gaming Experience. Void is a new part of GamersGate where you get to play for free, just by looking at a couple of ads. The service is now live and you can configure your GamersGate account to take advantage of the new service. Go to and try it now!... more.
  • Big Ubisoft Week! 30-70% off on GamersGate

    Posted by on April 20, 2012 under Euro, Mac, News, PC
    It's Ubisoft Week on GamersGate and you can save up to 70% on games from Ubisoft. Every day there will be a new Daily Deal and during the week there will be 30% off the rest of the catalog (Excluding pre-orders and new releases)! The 24 hours only deals for this week includes: • From Dust - Save 70% on Thursday • Assassins Creed Revelation - Save 50% on Friday • Might & Magi... more.
  • The Indiefront Bundle – 6 Games for The Price of Less Than One

    Posted by on April 13, 2012 under Euro, News, PC
    GamersGate is offering a special bundle for gamers this week called, 'The Indiefront Bundle'. This bundle includes 6 indie games for $5.99US. The indie bundle includes the following games: Kenshi Cardinal Quest Black Market Wanderlust: Rebirth Devil Whiskey Steel Storm: Burning Retribution Total normal price: $66.78 You pay: $5.99 / €4.99 / £3.99 To purchase this bundle, visit G... more.
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