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  • World of Speed – Gamescom Team Racing Trailer

    Posted by on August 11, 2014 under Euro, News, PC
    Get ready for Team Racing in World of Speed. To win the team race you need to be not only fast, but be smart and cooperate with your teammates. In this trailer you'll see that teammates and friends will need to cooperate to complete in-race objectives that will determine the winning team in the race. Even if you know you're not going to cross the finish line first that doesn't mean you can't... more.
  • World of Speed – “Game vs. Reality in Moscow”

    Posted by on May 28, 2014 under Euro, News, PC
    Start your engines! Slightly Mad Studios and today released an all-new gameplay trailer for upcoming racing MMO, World of Speed. The trailer features a McLaren 12C as it cruises around the game's never-before-seen Moscow track, with in-game footage spliced together with real racing from the Moscow City Racing 2013 event. See how World of Speed brings real-world locations to life like ... more.
  • Skyforge – Revealed

    Posted by on March 21, 2014 under Euro, News, PC
    Your destiny is your own to forge., a subsidiary of Mail.Ru Group, has revealed a new AAA title: the premium massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) Skyforge is currently being developed by the Allods Team, an in-house studio of Russian Internet giant Mail.Ru Group, with westernization from US gamemaker Obsidian Entertainment. Skyforge will launch as an immersive MMORPG gami... more.
  • Armored Warfare – Announced

    Posted by on March 21, 2014 under Euro, News, PC
    Obsidian Entertainment and, the subsidiary of Mail.Ru Group, the largest Internet company in Russian-speaking countries, today revealed Armored Warfare, a massively multiplayer online tactical military video game. Armored Warfare features stunning next-gen visuals, dynamic destructible environments, customizable vehicles and intense team-based gameplay where players work to crush each other... more.
  • Slightly Mad Studios Reveals World of Speed

    Posted by on February 10, 2014 under Euro, News, PC
    Slightly Mad Studios, the critically acclaimed developer known for their pedigree in racing video games, today unveiled World of Speed, a AAA massively multiplayer online arcade racing video game. World of Speed will be available in 2014 as a free-to-play experience on PCs. In World of Speed, players will hop in the driver’s seat of an endless garage of cars ranging from everyday city runners... more.
  • Prime World – Now Available on Steam

    Posted by on October 1, 2013 under Euro, News, PC
    After conquering its homeland in 2012, garnering multiple international awards for its careful mixture of RPG, MOBA and Strategy mechanics, Prime World begins its worldwide expansion. Today Nival’s critically acclaimed online competitive RPG is launching on Steam. The world’s largest PC gaming portal is now home to one of the richest team-based experiences ever. Featuring eight gameplay... more.
  • Navy Field 2 – New Nation Content Announced

    Posted by on July 30, 2013 under Euro, News, PC
    Today, Nexon Europe announced new nation content for the fast-paced World War I and II naval battling MMORTS, Navy Field 2. The update, called Marine Nationale (name of the French Navy), allows players to voyage towards the Atlantic coast of Europe using ships made with high quality steel, powerful engines, and superior weaponry that will prove to be advantageous while attacking enemies. Ma... more.
  • Prime World – Launches Open Beta

    Posted by on July 26, 2013 under Euro, News, PC
    After many open beta weekends, the wait is finally over. The award-winning Prime World just entered its full 24/7 Open Beta. Prime World is a competitive RPG that merges fast-paced MOBA-style battles with long-term persistent MMO hero development and strategy castle building. The game boldly steps beyond the classic three-lane map of modern MOBAs – there are currently eight game modes... more.
  • Hardcore RPG Gaming… Wizardry Online (Review) PC

    Posted by on April 11, 2013 under PC, Reviews
    Developed by Sony Online Entertainment and Gamepot, Wizardy Online is a hardcore MMORPG where your character can sustain permanent injury and even death. The game includes four classes and five different races - human, elf, dwarf, gnome and porkul. As in every role-playing game, each race has its own strengths and weaknesses. Some are actually weaker when they’re associated with some of the clas... more.
  • APB Reloaded – Celebrates its Second Anniversary

    Posted by on March 7, 2013 under Euro, News, PC
    Reloaded Productions, a leading developer of free2play massively multiplayer online games, is celebrating its second anniversary as a game development studio San Paro style, delivering contests, prizes and exclusive in-game titles for players who have supported APB Reloaded since its re-launch in 2011. Formed on March 7th 2011, Reloaded Productions Edinburgh became the second development stud... more.
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